QuickBooks Hosting FAQs

1. Why should I go for Cloud Hosted services?

Files accessibility: Access your QuickBooks company files anywhere, anytime. The hosted environment allows your employees to access QuickBooks company files on the computer, Mac, iPad, iPhone, tablet and any Android devices.

Freedom from hardware setup/up-gradation/maintenance: When you are with hosting service provider that means there are multiple options for more than a traditional desktop version. We have a certified tech support team. We are entirely responsible for managing hardware, update application, backup and 24×7 server monitoring.

Hosting cost: Cloud hosting services are very flexible. You need to pay as you go. Prices are based on users, application, hardware only there no need to pay for tech support, data backup and many more.

2. Which versions of QuickBooks are supported on a hosted server?

Cloud-hosted services allow all QuickBooks Pro, all QuickBooks Premier versions, and QuickBooks Enterprise Edition. You can go with multiple users plan if you have QuickBooks multi-users license. There is one good option is that if you want more than one version of QuickBooks on the same server that will be available as per your choice.

3. Is my data secure when using the Cloud Hosting Program?

Yes, our data centre and support team are adheres to the security standards and encryption used in financial industries, so you can feel assured your mission-critical financial data is safe. We provide you with password-protected secure log-in access our campus, so only you can log-in into your QuickBooks account. However, we never ask for QuickBooks password.

My Accounting Cloud servers are at a secure hosting facility with trained security guards on-site at all times, and both a retinal scan and ID badge are required to enter controlled areas. 

4. How many company files can I use under one account?

You have the freedom to put your multiple company files on the server, and however, we count only data storage. However, you may get up to 50 GB of space or as per your need.

5. How to get print from the cloud server to a local printer?

Here you need not worry about print, and our remote cloud server supports all kind of printer. Even you can get the hard copy of the print or soft copy as pdf format.

6. Can I resell hosting services as per our need? Do you charge my clients?

Most of the CPAs are getting benefits of the same plan, and you can also. Here you will get multiple client setting as per your client requirement. All services are recurring for each month.

7. Do I have to purchase QuickBooks software before go to Remote Hosted Server?

Yes, you must have a valid license for each version of QuickBooks which you want to host on the remote server. If you have already purchased valid QuickBooks licenses, you need to provide us with your licenses.

8. What types of support are available and how to get it?

You need not pay a single penny for support, all live chat, remote support, phone support are free of cost.

9. Should I buy an additional backup program from outside?

No, You need not buy any other subscription. We regularly take a backup of your data.

10. How to cancel my subscription in-case I want back to the desktop version.

There is a month to a monthly payment system if you go with half-yearly or annually you will get the best discount. However, you can cancel your subscription any time.