How to solve application errors
in QuickBooks?

It’s pretty much impossible to run a business without assistance from QuickBooks. QuickBooks is a phenomenal application that is a complete all-rounder when it comes to organizing your expenses, keeping an eye on your cash flow, building invoices, and keeping your tax records in place. Moreover, that’s not all for it does have a special set of features for freelancers who want to work hassle-free. All transactions get managed by QuickBooks and that’s the best thing. Tons of people are using QuickBooks today it’s truly indicative of a productive and whole lot of free-flowing work. 

However, like any other application that’s prone to some technical glitches, QuickBooks too is equally prone to threats/errors. It is even more prone to errors that are rather messy and pretty tough to handle. People from all over might fall prey to this nasty glitch and might face delays. 

Therefore, it’s indeed a question worth asking- how to solve application error in QuickBooks? Well, no one likes unwanted errors and would want to get back in business as soon as possible.

If such is the case for you and, then you’ve landed in the best place. While accessing your account using a web browser, if a web page issue is causing an error message to appear, then you got to perform the following steps below to help yourself get out of all the unwanted errors.

  1. Try reconciling through a private (incognito) session. Then press CTRL+Shift+N in Chrome.
  2. Also, don’t forget to clear the unwanted temporary Internet files/ cache. 
  3. Try to switch to another supported browser if that serves your case. 

In case you are using the application, then try resetting it by clicking on the Help menu and selecting Reset App Data. If nothing helps no matter what, then please contact QuickBooks services customer care. An advanced tool is also available to keep a check on this issue.

To contact:

  • Click on QuickBooks Online. 
  • Select a topic.
  • You can now click on the Get Phone Number, Send Email or Start a Chat button.


Let us now know all of these in greater detail. 

Common ways to solve application error in QuickBooks

Prevent QuickBooks from opening any windows at start-up 

This one’s a common method that avoids this problem by stopping the application from opening all windows at start-up. For that:

  • Press the Alt key while also double-clicking on the QuickBooks application icon.
  • Release the Alt key and type in your password when the system asks for the same. 
  • Click OK, and then press the Alt key when the application starts.  
  • Lastly, release the Alt. 

(Do not forget to close all windows or simply click ‘Close all windows’ when the application launches. This has to be done while still on the application, right before exiting.)

  1. Open a sample file 

In case the error persists, making it impossible for you to open your company file, then trying opening a sample file like this-

  • Click on the Ctrl key while double-clicking the QuickBooks application icon.
  • Keep on pressing the Ctrl key until you see- ‘No Company Open’.
  • Click on ‘Open a sample file’. 


  1. Copy the Company file to your Desktop 

You can even try changing the location of the company file that you are willing to open. The limitation on the storage path of the file might help in the success of the procedure. You got to perform the following steps to change the location of your QuickBooks file. 

  • Open the folder in which your company file is located and then make use of the Locate option to find the QBW file. 
  • Copy and Paste the file on Desktop of your system.
  • Then launch QuickBooks while clicking on the CTRL key till you don’t see, “No Company Open’.
  • Press Open and search through the file that you have copied on the desktop and click Open. 

In case this doesn’t happen, then your company file may be damaged. 

  1. Use Auto Data recovery 

Recover your data using Auto data recovery. 

  1. Troubleshooting QuickBooks Application 

If nothing helps, then troubleshooting the QuickBooks application might. 

  • Run Reboot.exe file for registering QuickBooks objects in Windows again in the next step.
  • Try repairing the Microsoft.NET file framework manually. You’ll find it installed on your PC.
  • Re-install QuickBooks for a fresh start. 
  • Run the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool. This will help you in repairing all the damaged files and components. 


  1. Update QuickBooks 

You can readily fix all unrecoverable file errors by updating the application. To further update your QuickBooks, install this service pack, and perform the following steps:

  • Firstly, you need to press the Ctrl key and open QuickBooks at the same time. 
  • Click Help –> Update QuickBooks.
  • On the ‘Update QuickBooks’ screen, click Update Now.
  • Try New Features now. 

Click Get Updates.

You can exit the application when the update is done


One of the above-mentioned tips might help you in one way or the other and that’s a proven thing. If still not, then the QuickBooks contact team will surely help you in some way or the other. In any way, hope to have been of some help or the other!