How to Converting
QuickBooks Mac file to Windows ?

This article would help you to understand, How to convert QuickBooks Mac file into QuickBooks Windows 

If you are a QuickBooks Mac user and want to use the window version of QuickBooks , And thinking you may require to start from scratch. Well we got a solution for you.

The Solution is that you can convert your existing QuickBooks Mac file into windows.


Step 1 : Update QuickBooks For Mac 

Intuit Release updates for each and every version of QuickBooks to keep the software up to date and bug free. Most of the user often search how to Update QuickBooks for Mac Please follow these steps :

  • In Product QuickBooks Drop down menu select Check for update 
  • Prompt you the install if update is available 
  • Once the update is finished  QuickBooks restart Automatically 

You follow above listed method within application for manual update follow next steps  

  • By uninstalling the previous version and reinstalling the latest version can help you to update your QuickBooks Application to the latest version 

Step 2: Make you Company file ready 

  • Remove all the memos that contain special characters beyond the required limit which is 50 . To remove such memos or search through memos follow next step:
  1. Go to the report menu then custom transaction detail report 
  2. From the drop down menu select all dates 
  3. Double click on the transition to open a memo and edit or delete any special character you see.
  4. Once finished click save 
  5. And don’t forget to Run verify and rebuild on your company file in the end 

Step 3: Converting Company file 

  • Open and Run QuickBooks as and Admin, From file menu select Export choose QuickBooks Windows 
  • Sometimes QuickBooks May ask you to verify company file before you convert so please proceed as it prompts 
  • Give name to the file just make sure file name doesn,t contain any special character 
  • Enter the password if it prompts 
  • Now you are ready to move files to the windows computer.

If you have any issue with your company file or unable to follow these steps feel free to reach an expert with our QuickBooks Support Team .